How to sell empty bottles

Updated February 21, 2017

Empty bottles may sound like unusual items to sell, but there are people who collect and find beauty in the unique variety of bottles that are out there. Bottles can often reflect the tastes of a particular culture, whether it is a vintage glass pop bottle, a coloured glass bottle or a beautiful perfume bottle that is no longer in production. Even everyday bottles that you take for granted can have value to the right collector and can make money as a result. If you are considering selling empty bottles, however, you should know the proper steps to follow.

Decide what bottles are worth selling. In addition to empty bottles that you have around your house, look for unique ones in antique shops, car boot sales or outdoor markets. Gather any empty bottles that you are considering putting up for sale. Discard all bottles that are chipped, cracked, stained or have any defect that would diminish the resale value. Make sure they are clean inside and out before putting them up for sale.

Set a price for your bottles. Go to websites or shops that sell similar types of bottles to view pricing. Avoid verifying prices at shops that sell at an extreme discount such as charity shops. If your bottle is an antique consider having an expert determine its value as he will have a better understanding of how age, colour and type of bottle will affect its overall worth to collectors.

Offer them for sale on the internet. The internet gives you access to bottle collectors all over the world. Go to Internet auction sites or online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. Create an account and follow the instructions to place pictures and descriptions of the empty bottles that you are selling. Price your bottles in such a way that the sale price will cover any fees involved in placing the ad. Wrap any empty bottles carefully in bubble wrap and pack them in a sturdy padded box before posting them to the purchaser. Place online classified ads on websites such as Craigslist or Gumtree as another way to reach bottle collectors.

Attend car boot sales and markets. Contact the market organisers to find out the cost of reserving a space. Bring a table and create an appealing display of your bottles. Affix a sticker on the bottom of your bottles to display pricing or buy tags from office supply shops and tie them to the neck of the bottles with string.

Run a traditional ad in your local newspaper. Contact your newspaper to enquire about the cost of a classified ad. Because there is limited room to give a description, include all the necessary information such as type of bottle, whether it is antique, its colour and price. Don't forget to put in your phone number or other contact details.


When selling some types of empty antique bottles, such as perfume bottles, chips and the slight fragrant residue of a perfume may increase the value.

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