How to Address Informal Wedding Invitations

Updated July 20, 2017

Many engaged couples today are choosing an informal wedding. The reasons are varied, from saving money to looking to create a unique event that reflects the couple's personality. A casual style can extend to the invitations and how they are addressed. Couples can opt out of the traditional style of addressing invitations to friends and family with Mr. and Mrs., especially if they are planning a small or casual affair. There are ways of addressing the envelope to reflect the couple's informal style.

Forgo the Mr. and Mrs. and just address the envelope Susan and Peter Jones, or Peter Jones and Susan White. Follow the etiquette rule of not separating the man's first name from his last.

Use first names only on the inside envelope, such as Peter and Susan, or Susan and Peter.

Address the invitation to "The Smith Family," if adults and children of one family are all invited to the wedding. Address the invitation this way if the children are under 18. Once a family member reaches 18, she should get her own invitation.

Send each adult--anyone over 18 years of age--in a household a separate invitation, addressing it with the person's full name, and eliminating the Mr. or Mrs.


Make sure you have the correct spelling of all the names.

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