How to Restore Carpet Matting

Updated April 17, 2017

When carpet is first installed, the pile is at its highest, giving it a fluffy appearance. Over time, the carpet's pile will be worn down and the carpet will appear flat. This is especially common in high-traffic areas, such as hallways and entryways, or when heavy objects have been placed on top of the carpet. Regular vacuuming will help keep up the pile. If the carpet matting has been damaged, it can be restored in a few simple steps.

Plug in an iron and set it to the lowest setting.

Vacuum the carpet to remove all dirt and debris and help lift the pile.

Lay a white towel over the affected area and spritz with water until damp but not soaking. If the area is small, a washcloth or hand towel can be used instead.

Apply the iron to the towel. Move the iron back and forth gently, being careful not to leave it on one section of the towel for too long.

Set the iron aside and remove the towel. Working quickly while the carpet is still hot, use a carpet brush to brush in the opposite direction of the pile.

Allow the carpet to dry before walking over it.


A carpet brush can be purchased from your local home supply store.


Do not set the iron too high, as this can cause permanent damage to the carpet.

Things You'll Need

  • Water bottle with spray function
  • White towel, washcloth, or hand towel
  • Iron
  • Carpet brush
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