How to steam clean shower tiles

Updated July 20, 2017

Cleaning shower tiles can be a challenge because, even in the largest bathrooms, showers can be relatively small and cramped. For those who are sensitive to fumes, using chemicals in such a small area could be a problem, even with proper ventilation. Using steam to clean shower tiles is an alternative to using chemicals in such a small space, because a steam cleaner can clean, deodorise and sanitise shower tiles and grout with just the power of heat and water.

Fill your steamer with water and wait until it’s heated and ready to generate steam.

Attach your steamer’s rectangular accessory and then cover it with a white towel. Release the steam on your steamer.

Start at one corner of your shower and slowly move the steamer wand from top to bottom and then move to the next section and continue moving from top to bottom until your entire shower is done.

Use your steamer’s detail nozzle to steam clean any discoloured grout lines. If the discolouration remains, turn off the steam and replace the concentrated nozzle with the small brush attachment and scrub along the grout lines until the original colour is restored. Use a towel to wipe away steam-loosened grime.


If you don’t want to change steamer accessories, you can use the detail nozzle and a towel only. Smaller, hand-held steam cleaners will require more refills and elbow grease than larger, more powerful steam cleaners


Carefully follow your steamer’s instructions on how to safely change accessories and how to refill the tank, if needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Steam cleaner
  • White towels
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