How to use a webcam as an IP camera

Updated April 17, 2017

An Internet Protocol (IP) camera records and streams live footage over an IP network. This footage can be accessed through an Internet browser on another computer, thus providing a service similar to closed-circuit TV. Using the correct software, you can convert a webcam into an IP camera.

If you're not using a laptop with an integrated camera, plug your webcam into a USB port.

Download and install Digi Watcher.

Open Digi Watcher. When the registration box opens, click on "Later." Press "OK" when the hint pops up.

Select your video device from the drop-down list.

Press the "Play" button underneath "Start Broadcasting." Make a note of the link that appears in your browser so you can access it from another computer.

Download and install Yawcam.

Open Yawcam, click on "Settings" and select "Detect webcam."

Choose your webcam from the detected devices and press "OK."

Enable all the options on the control panel (File, Ftp, Http, Stream and Motion).

Click on "Settings" and select the "Connection" tab and then select "What's my URL?"

Make a note of the "Stream" address so you can access the stream from another computer. Select "View" and press "Hide" if you wish to hide the program.

Download and install webcam Monitor.

Run webcam Monitor and click on "Continue Free Trial" when prompted. The trial doesn't run out but your continuous live broadcast will be limited to two hours.

Select "Add Camera" and an "Add Camera Wizard" will appear. Select "Next."

Choose the "Select a Camera Attached to This Computer" option, then click "Next."

Select your webcam from the "Video Device" drop-down list and click "Next." You can also add a microphone if you want to stream sound.

Select the "Show Preview" option and press "Finish."

Click on the icon labelled with a computer screen and a small green circle. This will broadcast your video to the Internet. Make a note of the address that appears in the log at the bottom of the program interface. You can monitor your stream from another computer by using this address.

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