Retail Store Layout Ideas

Written by brandon zavala
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Retail Store Layout Ideas
An effective business layout is essential for a business to be successful. (Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

When forming the layout of your business, there are several essential rules one must abide by for the convenience of customers and to enhance your business' success. From placing popular items toward the back of the store, to grouping like items together, find the best layout to increase the functionality of your business.

Popular Items in the Back of the Store

When deciding upon the layout of your store, first place the most popular, high-selling items farthest from the entrance. Whether you have a small convenience store or a larger auto parts store, items like milk and motor oil should be placed toward the rear of the store. This forces customers to see your entire inventory as they walk through the aisles. By doing so, you gain the opportunity for customers to purchase something they had not originally planned on buying, which can help increase your business's revenue stream.

Group Similiar Items Together

When deciding on how to place items in your store's aisles, it is best to place goods that go together for the convenience of your customers. If you own a general store, you will want to group items like salt and spices together near the meat section. If you own a sports shop, you would want to group baseball-related items together in one section and football-related goods together in another. By doing so, you will increase the practicality of your layout, which lessens customer frustration.

Impulse Sale Items

Place small impulse purchase items near high-traffic areas so customers will be tempted to purchase the goods. For example, in a convenience store, set small items like gum and candy where the customer will be waiting in line. You can also place items that customers often forget in this area as well, like batteries, ChapStick and hand sanitiser.

Minimise Redundant Items

Create an uncluttered, neat layout. By keeping a tidy store, your customers can relax and look for the items they want without feeling they are trekking through a jungle. You can do this by removing multiples of items, like soap, canned food items, or if in a clothing store, purses, shoes and accessories.


Consider bright, attractive lighting for a welcoming atmosphere. Ensure all areas of the store are well-lit. For example, if you own a produce store, dim lighting may make apples, cantaloupes, tomatoes appear bruised or dirty.

Aisles, Seating and Window Displays

Always keep your aisles straight and simple to navigate around with clear signs that states what goods are located in what aisle. Also make sure there is seating in the front of your store for customers who cannot walk for extended periods of time. Ensure your window displays are always up to date with the latest items and display sales and discount information.

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