How To Dispose of Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Golden Valley, Minnesota

Updated March 23, 2017

Carbon monoxide is a gas that does not have a smell or taste. Symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure are flu-like symptoms that can progress to unconsciousness or even death as levels rise. Carbon monoxide detectors sound an alarm when levels reach a dangerous level. A carbon monoxide detector has a lifespan of approximately six years and then should be replaced. Residents of Golden Valley, Minnesota should dispose of the detectors in accordance to local regulations.

Remove the carbon monoxide detector from the wall or ceiling. Your detector may be installed using screws or it may be installed using a double-sided tape.

Open the door covering the batteries and remove the batteries. The batteries cannot be disposed with the carbon monoxide detector.

Place the carbon monoxide detector in with your household trash and dispose of the trash in your normal manner. Golden Valley, Minnesota does not require a special process or dropoff location for carbon monoxide detectors.


Consider replacing your carbon monoxide monitor in place of the one you are disposing of.

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