How to transport a ladder

Updated February 21, 2017

Ladders come in many heights to allow you to reach almost anything you need, however, a ladder's height can become a nuisance when you need to transport it. The length of the ladder can make it impossible to fit it into a car and even makes it cumbersome in the bed of a truck. Don’t let this discourage you, though. It is possible to transport any ladder you need, however, some ladders may require a professional to transport them.

Close the ladder and have another person help you carry it. One of you should carry the legs while the other carries the top of the ladder. If you must carry it on your own, keep the top of the ladder tilted upward.

Lay the ladder on the roof of a vehicle that has roof skids. Never attempt to attach a ladder to the roof of a vehicle that does not.

Secure the front and the back of the ladder to the roof skids using bungee cords. Loop the bungee cords around each of the ladder’s legs and then fasten the hooks of the cords to the roof skids.

Drive your vehicle for a short distance to ensure the ladder is secure on the roof skids. Try taking some sharp corners and breaking quickly to be certain it will not fly off the skids.

Set the ladder in the bed of a truck, if you do not have roof skids. Some ladders may stick over the tailgate of the truck, but that is all right if they do not extend past the tailgate more than 3 feet. If they extend past that point, you may need to rent a larger truck.

Fasten the front and the back of the ladder to the material rack in the bed of the truck using bungee cords. Attach the bottom half of the ladder to the tailgate of the truck. Secure it tightly so the ladder cannot slide to the left or right as you transport it.

Drive the truck for a short distance at a normal speed to ensure the ladder will stay attached to the bed of the truck. Try breaking suddenly or taking a sharp corner to be certain the bungee cords can handle the load.


If you have a ladder too large to fit on the top of a vehicle or in the bed of a truck, consider hiring a moving company to transport it for you. It may have larger trucks at its disposal that enables it to move a large ladder with relative ease.

Things You'll Need

  • Ladder
  • Roof skids
  • Bungee cords
  • Material rack
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