How to Remove Hard-Water Deposits From Formica Countertops

Updated March 23, 2017

Formica is a durable and scratch-resistant laminate product used on many countertops. Be careful when cleaning Formica with certain cleaners. Abrasive and high-alkali cleaners can potentially damage laminate surfaces. Hard-water stains are some of the toughest types to remove from a countertop regardless of the surface type. With a little bit of patience and care, removing hard-water deposits from your Formica countertop is possible with a few household chemicals.

Mix a paste solution of baking soda and water in a small cup. Only add enough water to the baking soda to allow for a slight “soupy” consistency.

Apply the paste to the hard-water deposits. Allow the baking soda solution to soak into the countertop and lift the deposits for several minutes. Do not rub the paste into the countertop, as the baking soda will act as an abrasive that can scratch the surface.

Clean off the baking soda paste completely with water and a soft cotton cloth. Dry the surface thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth. To reduce the likelihood of hard-water stains recurring, apply a quality laminate cleaner with wax protection according to the product's instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Baking soda
  • Soft cotton cloths
  • Laminate cleaner/ wax
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