How to Wash a Mink Blanket

Updated February 21, 2017

Mink blankets are luxurious and expensive blankets that require extra care and maintenance to ensure their longevity. These blankets are made from fine synthetic acrylic fibres that are washable in a washing machine. For stains, take your mink blanket to a dry cleaner. If your mink blanket is new, it will feel softer and plusher after being washed, because the starch-like substance applied to the blanket during manufacturing will be washed out.

Run a dry rag smoothly over your blanket in the direction of the fur growth to remove all dust and dirt. Apply even and firm force, and do not use circular movements, as these can break the blanket’s hair.

Place your mink blanket in a washing machine with its weight distributed evenly in the machine.

Add gentle washing powder to the detergent holder of the washing machine.

Set the wash cycle on "Gentle," and wash the blanket in cold water.

Tumble the blanket dry in a clothes dryer on a setting with no heat. This can take more than one hour. If your dryer does not have a "no heat" setting, dry your mink blanket on a clothesline.


Do not add bleach or fabric softener to the washing machine wash cycle. Mink blankets are soft and delicate, and harsh detergents can reduce the life of the blanket. Take your mink blanket to a professional dry cleaner if the blanket is heavily soiled or stained. Hot or warm water can leech the dyes from your blanket, causing fading. The acrylic fibres used in mink blankets can melt and tend to intertwine if overheated.

Things You'll Need

  • Old rag
  • Gentle washing powder
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