How Do I Bypass Unsupported Cartridge Message on Lexmark X7170 Printer?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Lexmark X7170 all-in-one printer allows you to connect the printer to your computer to print black and white or colour documents. You can also scan and copy documents using the device's scanner unit, as well as fax documents. If you receive an error message that tells you that you have an unsupported cartridge, then you need to remove the cartridge. After installing the appropriate type of ink cartridge you should no longer receive the error message and you can then perform a print test.

Lift up the scanner unit (with the power on). The printer cartridge carrier will move to the top of the printer into the loading position.

Press down on the lever above the cartridge and then raise the cartridge lid. Remove the cartridge and make sure the cartridge supports no more than four colours (cyan, yellow, magenta and black) and a speed of 22 parts per notation.

Insert the compatible ink cartridge into the carrier and then lower the cartridge lid. Close the scanner unit, then make sure plain white paper is inserted into the paper loader.

Press the “OK” button on the control panel and the unsupported cartridge message should be gone. Press the “Select” button and a test alignment page will print.

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