How to grow pansies indoors

Pansies, which are originally native to Europe, are popular self seeding perennials that will generally grow anywhere from four to 10 inches tall and come in variety of spectacular colours. The most well-known type of pansies are violas. Pansies perform best in cooler climates, making the plants ideal for growing in Northern climates during the spring and summer months. Starting and growing pansies in the home is one way to ensure that these temperamental flowers grow and thrive.

Fill a small flower pot three-quarters full with soil. Pansies can tolerate most types of soil and will benefit from soil that is placed in the pot loosely to allow for maximum liquid flow.

Place the pansy seeds in the flower pot and cover with a one-eighth-inch high layer of soil. Water the newly planted seeds. The number of seeds you plant will depend on the size of the pot and your preferences; the Door Garden recommends two or three seeds per four-inch pot.

Place the pansy pot into a room in the home that has exposure to the sun, but is not too hot. The pansy plant can be taken out of the direct sunlight if the plant does not seem to be growing well. Pansies prefer a cooler climate, but also require adequate sunlight like most plant species.

Water the plant daily. The soil should remain damp at all times, but not too wet. A pansy plant can be drowned in it is over-watered. The seed should germinate after approximately two weeks.


Wait at least 10 weeks before planting the pansies outside, if desired. This will give the plant adequate time to germinate and thrive in a more controlled environment.

Things You'll Need

  • Small flower pot
  • Pansy seeds
  • Soil
  • Water
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