How to Remove Iron Burns From Fabric

Updated April 17, 2017

A steam iron can keep your clothes looking their best. However, turning the temperature a little too high or leaving the iron in one place for too long can make clothes look their worst, and some clothes that end up with scorch marks cannot be salvaged. This depends on the kind of fabric that is burnt and how bad the damage is. Synthetic fabrics that melt are beyond repair if they get too hot. Natural fabrics, like cotton and wool, can sometimes be fixed, but the best method is to avoid scorching fabrics in the first place. Always follow the directions on the care label and never let the iron sit still on the fabric.

Brush off any loose fibres that have been burnt. This applies mostly to thick or fuzzy fabrics.

Rub liquid detergent generously into the scorched area.

Launder according to the care label directions.

Examine the stain after removing from the wash and before drying.

Launder again with an all-fabric, colour-safe bleach if some stain remains. The area that was burnt will be weakened.


Do not attempt to remove stains from clothes that are labelled dry-clean only. Ask the dry-cleaner for help with stains on these clothes.

Things You'll Need

  • Liquid washing powder
  • Water
  • All-fabric, colour-safe bleach
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