How to Make Persocom Ears

Updated April 17, 2017

Persocom is a type of intelligent computer from the Japanese comic Chobits, which was later adapted into an anime cartoon series. The main persocom (short for personal computer) character, also known as Chi, is a human-like android girl who was built with advanced technology that allows her to feel real emotions. Part of Chi's trademark look are her ears, which slightly resemble that of a mouse. If you want to sport Chi's unique persocom ears, you can make them yourself with a few basic craft tools and a little bit of free time.

Print the persocom ears template page twice (once for each ear). Click the link in the "Resources" section below to navigate directly to the template.

Trace the templates onto the appropriate colours of foam paper (the colours are properly labelled on the template).

Cut the shapes from the foam paper.

Use the super glue to glue the white circles onto the white side of the persocom ear. Fold the white side of the persocom ear in half so that the two outside corners touch. This should create a bend that goes down the middle of the flap.

Cut along the dotted lines marked on the pink foam side of the ear.

Dab a small line of glue along the inside of the lines of the slits (the sides that are on the middle flap). Place the outside flaps onto the lines of glue to create a bump. Fold the entire thing down the length of the middle, just like you did on the white side of the ear.

Match the edge of the white portion of the ear and the edge of the pink portion of the ear until you see them fitting together perfectly. You may have to look at a picture of Chi or play around a bit until you see them come together properly. Once you see them fitting, glue the edges together (with the white portion on top of the pink portion).

Glue the ears to a headband and wait for the glue to dry. Place the headband on your head and see how you look in your new persocom ears.


Be careful when using super glue. For information on how to remove super glue from your fingers, refer to the link in the "Resources" section below.

Things You'll Need

  • Pink and white foam paper
  • Scissors
  • Super glue
  • Headband
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