How to Remove Shine on Chrome Drawer Handles

Updated February 21, 2017

Chrome plate finishes are widely used in many kinds of home furnishings to make metals surfaces look shinier and cleaner. However, these kinds of finishes can be easily damaged by rust or scratches, and also pick up fingerprints and smudges fairly easily, especially on surfaces like drawer handles. If your shiny chrome handles have become damaged or are too easily smudged for your taste, carefully brushing the chrome surface with an abrasive material can give it the look of a brushed metal finish, which won't show blemishes so easily.

Open the drawer, and unscrew the screws securing the handles to the side of the drawer, then pull the handles straight out of the drawer wall toward you.

Wash and dry the handles to remove any wood dust and give a clean surface for brushing so that no dirt is ground into the new finish you'll create.

Brush the handle with the scouring pad in one direction with long consistent strokes from one end of the handle to the other. Make sure that every stroke is in the direction to give a consistent finish.

Wipe down the handle with a clean damp cloth to remove any metal dust once the finish on the handle looks the way you want.

Dry the handle, and replace it on the side of the drawer.

Things You'll Need

  • Screw driver
  • Kitchen scouring pad
  • Clean cloth
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