How to create & print free sympathy cards

Written by carl hose | 13/05/2017
How to create & print free sympathy cards
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Receiving a sympathy or get-well card when you're sick can be comforting. Making a sympathy or get-well card for a loved one can be a kind gesture and a way to show someone you care. With the free desktop publishing software and templates available on the market today, almost anyone can create sympathy cards with little or no artistic talent or desktop publishing experience. If you know someone who isn't feeling well, you can create a card to show your concern and give your well wishes without spending any money to do it.

Create your card using desktop publishing software and a template. Download programs like Serif PagePlus,, and Scribus,, which are free full-featured desktop publishing programs with greeting card templates that anyone can personalise and customise.

Open your desktop publishing software, go to the "File" menu, choose "New," and browse the greeting card templates. Select the template you want. Click the template to open it for editing.

Customise your sympathy card. Click the template graphics and use the "delete" key on your keyboard to remove the template graphics so you can insert your own images. If you like the template graphics, you can leave them in place. To insert your own pictures, go to the "Insert" menu and select "Picture." Your custom image will appear in the template in place of the template graphic.

Write your own custom sympathy message. The card template will have four panels, labelled front, inside left and right, and back. Select the text in the panels with your mouse, delete it, and type in your own words. This is your chance to customise the message to make it personal for the recipient.

Print your custom sympathy card on standard computer paper and fold it according to the instructions given with the template. Sign your name on the inside of the card and hand write a message to make it even more personal.

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