How to gargle with Epsom salt

Updated February 21, 2017

Gargling with salt water is an age-old method of alleviating a sore throat. The salt water is said to improve circulation in the throat, alleviate the scratchy feelings, clear mucus and clean the inflamed pharynx. Gargling salt water is also one of the most cost effective sore throat remedies, typically costing nothing as the necessary items can found in the house already. Gargle with salt water a few times throughout the day to ease pain and clean your mouth and throat.

Fill a 250 ml (nine oz) drinking glass with warm tap water. Make sure it isn’t too hot - you do not want to burn the inside of your mouth.

Add one-half to one full teaspoon of Epsom salt to the water. Use the spoon to dissolve the salt.

Sip a mouthful of the salty water. Do not swallow. Tip your head back slightly and gargle the salt water.

Spit out the water in the sink. Repeat three to four times a day, as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Drinking glass
  • Epsom salt
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