How to write a good family reunion invitation letter

Written by lisa basile | 13/05/2017
How to write a good family reunion invitation letter
A family reunion letter should be warm and specific. (party invitation image by robert mobley from

Family reunions are wonderful occasions for far-flung clans or those family members who haven't met yet. Writing a reunion letter is an important step in setting up such a major event. The letter gives family members essential reunion details vital to their planning. A good letter, according to the website Family Reunion, will be informative and to the point. Be engaging and kind, but be clear.

Open a word document and begin formatting the letter. Be somewhat formal; for example, write "Smith Family Reunion Invitation" on the top in a large, bold font. Skip a line and start by clearly stating your intentions. Some family members who haven't heard from one another in some time may be startled, according to Don't write, "I was thinking we should get together." Instead, try, "It is my pleasure to invite you to the Smith family reunion, which will be held Sept. 18, 2010, at the Royal Hall in Brooklyn, New York." This will provide the reader with details from the start.

How to write a good family reunion invitation letter
Let everyone know what activities you've planned. (writing image by Alison Bowden from

Continue by concisely describing what the event will entail. Include the number of family members who have been invited, what will be available at the location (food, drinks, entertainment) and what other activities to expect.

How to write a good family reunion invitation letter
Ask your family to help out. (family image by Mat Hayward from

In the next paragraph, ask for donations if you need help paying for food, location rentals or other items. Let your family know how they can pay you. If you don't want to ask for money, ask the family to donate food or bring specific items to the event.

Detail the specific location and time in the final paragraph. Include airport, bus, train and car-rental information. Let everyone know if you can accommodate any family members at your home. Provide contact information for nearby hotels. Ask everyone to RSVP with their name, phone number and time of arrival.

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