How to Get Rid of Flat Moles

Moles, freckles and skin tags are naturally occurring features of the skin. A flat mole is a non-raised spot on the skin that is darker than a regular freckle. Traditional methods for removing moles include freezing them or cutting them off, but for flat moles these treatments are not really feasible since flat moles do not protrude from the skin. Therefore, you must look to less traditional (and possibly more expensive) treatments to remove flat moles.

Buy a topical treatment that is specifically made to remove flat moles, freckles or skin pigmentation. There are several over-the-counter lotions that promise to bleach or fade away dark spots on the skin, or you can get a doctor's prescription for the powerful skin cream Retin-A.

Read the directions included with your product. Apply the mole removal treatment directly to your flat moles as instructed.

Continue using the topical mole removal for as long as your product recommends. Do not skip treatments and do not stop using the product early, or you probably won't get the results you want.

Find a reputable laser centre in your area that handles mole removal and skin pigmentation. These clinics are required to be supervised by a licensed medical doctor, and many of them will provide you with an in-person consultation so you can see the clinic and speak to the staff about available treatments.

Discuss with the clinic staff how many laser treatments you will have to undergo before your flat moles disappear. Be aware that flat moles cannot usually be removed with a single treatment, and laser treatments are often given weeks or months apart.

Undergo laser mole removal. During the course of treatment, your doctor or technician will gradually increase the power of the laser to fully eliminate the pigmentation in your flat mole over the course of the whole treatment.


You may need to pay for a complete series of laser treatments up front and results may not be guaranteed, so make sure you understand the risks and benefits of laser treatments.

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