How to Print Photo Mylar Balloons With an Inkjet Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

Personalise Mylar balloons with photos of family and friends printed directly onto the Mylar balloons with a standard top loading inkjet printer. Don't wait for a printer to do it and risk missing the big party date because of shipping delays. Manufacturers of inkjet printable Mylar balloons provide photo printing software right on their websites for download and installation on any home system. Simply download, choose the right photos and print.

Download the inkjet Mylar balloon photo printing software from the inkjet Mylar balloon manufacturer's website and install the software on the home computer.

Bring up the software and use the "Browse" command to find and load the digital photos from the computer hard drive needed for printing onto the balloons.

Load one inkjet Mylar balloon that is preloaded into an inkjet printer frame for smooth printing into the top loaded paper tray of the printer.

Use the software to position the first photo, size and/or crop as desired so that the photo is ready for printing.

Click "Print" to print the photo onto the Mylar balloon.

Things You'll Need

  • Top loading inkjet printer
  • Digital photos
  • Inkjet Mylar balloons
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