How to Draw a Triangular Pyramid From a One-Point Perspective

Updated November 21, 2016

Perspective drawing can be difficult because the average person usually does not know how to use the rules of perspective drawing to his benefit. An understanding of these rules and how to put them into practice is essential to creating a drawing of a three-dimensional form such as a triangular pyramid. Drawing a triangular pyramid from a one-point perspective is a good exercise for beginners who want to learn perspective drawing.

Turn the sheet of paper so that it is on its side, in a horizontal orientation. Use a ruler to draw a horizontal line across the paper, extending it from one edge to the other. This will represent the eye level, which is the level at which the horizon is viewed. All objects drawn in the perspective drawing will adhere to this level.

Approximate the centre of the horizon line on the paper. Draw a point there. This is the one point in this one-point perspective drawing. Decide where you want to draw the triangular pyramid, and sketch the flat shape of a triangle freehand in that area of the drawing. Placing the triangle to the right, left or above the point will allow you see the object more in three dimensions more clearly. An object placed directly on the point will appear flat because the sides cannot be viewed if it is in front of the point.

Place one end of your ruler at the top of your triangle. Place the other end of the ruler against the point on the horizon. Draw a line connecting the two. Connect one of the bottom corners of the triangle to the point on the horizon in the same way. If the triangle is in an upright position and is above the horizon, the third point can also be connected to the point on the horizon.

Decide on the three-dimensional width of the triangular pyramid, and draw a square on the bottom, behind the triangle shape. The square will start from the two bottom points of the triangle, and extend back in space, along the lines that go to the point on the horizon. The square will serve as the bottom of the pyramid in space and will determine where to place the line for the back of the pyramid.

Draw a line to enclose the square. Find the side of the triangle where the square can be seen visibly going back into space. The point where the side and back of square meet is where the line for the back of the pyramid will be projected. Draw a line from this point to the top point of the triangle.

Things You'll Need

  • Plain white paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
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