How to Use a Zig-Zag Cigarette Roller

Updated February 21, 2017

Smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit, but it does not have to cost you as much if you smoke hand-rolled cigarettes. You can roll your own cigarettes at home using a Zigzag cigarette roller. Most people think of hand-rolled cigarettes as being unfiltered and more harsh than the store bought variety. This is not necessarily true, as the Zigzag cigarette roller allows you to add a filter so you can make homemade cigarettes much like the more expensive manufactured ones.

Place your cigarette roller in front of you so the adjustable bar faces you. The adjustable bar is able to move along a small track on either side of the roller to open or close the bars together. Move the bar to the open position on the track.

Place a filter tip between the bars off to one side. Snug it up against the side of the roller.

Fill the remaining length of the roller with tobacco. Do not include any stems or hard protruding pieces of tobacco as they will pierce the paper and ruin your cigarette. Push the tobacco down between the bars with your finger.

Push the adjustable bar to the closed position by pushing it towards the other bar. It will slide along the track and stay in place once it closes over your tobacco and filter.

Use both hands to roll both bars towards yourself about three times to pack the tobacco into a cylindrical shape.

Pull a rolling paper out of the package and hold it so the glue strip is at the top of the paper and facing you. The glue strip is the tiny shiny line along one edge of the rolling paper.

Insert the bottom edge of the rolling paper into the crack between the two bars until it will not push in any further. You do not need to push it in all the way, it just needs to be wedged in between the bars.

Roll both bars toward you again. The paper will start to disappear into the roller. Keep rolling the bars toward you until the glue strip is all that is left sticking out of the top of the roller.

Lick the glue strip to moisten it and roll the bars toward you three or four more times to seal your cigarette.

Pull the adjustable bar towards you to open the roller. Your cigarette will be inside.

Things You'll Need

  • Zigzag cigarette roller
  • Rolling papers (same length as your roller)
  • Filters
  • Tobacco
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