How to Check the Transmission Oil on a Honda Accord

Updated July 20, 2017

The transmission in the Honda Accord is essential to the life of the car. The purpose of the automatic transmission is to shift the car automatically from one gear to the next. This will keep the engine from burning up and allow the vehicle to function adequately at higher speeds. Checking your transmission fluid every three months will ensure you get the most out of your transmission.

Park the car on a flat surface. Do not turn off the engine. Allow the engine to warm up. This will require allowing the car to idle for five minutes. Move the gear shifter through all the gears. Start with reverse and move it slowly to the Low 2 position. Place the vehicle back in park.

Open the bonnet to access the transmission dipstick. Locate the dipstick to the side of the engine toward the back of the engine compartment. The dipstick will be labelled "Transmission," or it will be orange in colour.

Pull the dipstick out of the tube. Wipe the dipstick clean with a fresh rag. Insert the dipstick back into the tube. Pull it out once again to verify the level. The oil will stop at the appropiate marking on the dipstick. If the transmission is full, the fluid will stop at the full mark on the dipstick. When the level is below full you will need to add more fluid. When the fluid stops at the "Add" mark then it will necessary to add a full quart of transmission oil.

Place a funnel on to the tube. Pour in the fluid at quarter-quarter intervals. Check the fluid level and add more if necessary. Stop when the fluid level reaches full.

Remove the funnel when done. Replace the dipstick back into the tube and close the bonnet.


When checking the oil level, it is important to inspect the oil on the dipstick. The oil will need to be a red in colour. If the oil is black or smells burnt, it will be time to replace the transmission oil. Always use Honda brand "Premium Automatic Transmission Fluid."


Inspect for debris and metal pieces on the dipstick. If you notice anything unusual on the dipstick, it will be time to have the transmission serviced by a reputable Honda mechanic.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean rag
  • 1 qt. of Honda Premium Automatic Transmission Fluid
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