Baby shower invitation wording

A baby shower invitation should give guests all the information they need to know about the event. Guests will want to know what to expect from the food to the atmosphere and attire. The invitation allows you to convey the type of shower you're throwing. If the mother-to-be has found out the gender of the baby, then you can choose classic pink or blue invitations--or even include the baby's name.

Include the name of the event near the top of the invitation. A formal baby shower invitation could say "You are cordially invited to Kate Johnson's Baby Shower." For a more laid-back feel, include something like "Come help us prepare Kate before her baby arrives" or "Let's stock Liam's nursery before his arrival." The formality of the wording depends on the formality of the event--a high tea shower calls for formal wording, whereas a backyard barbecue needs a more casual invitation.

Write the date, time and location of the event. Include the day, date and time, such as Saturday, May 30 at 1 p.m. If the baby shower is at a home, include the person's name as well as the address---for example, Jessica Robinson's House, 145 Maple Street. If the baby shower is at a public location, include the location's name before the address--for example, Knoxville Tea Room, 19 Main Street. If you're expecting out-of-town guests, include the city and state as well.

Provide RSVP information. Whether you're hosting the baby shower at your home or having it catered by a restaurant, you'll want an accurate headcount for food and drinks. Ask guests to contact one of the host's with their reply--either by phone or e-mail. Provide the host's name with the contact information, such as "RSVP to Jessica at 555-4189 or"

Include the hosts' names. Guests will want to know who they should contact if they need any information about the baby shower. A simple phrase, such as "Hosted by Jessica Robinson, Jane Perry and Kim Stevens" will suffice.

Include registry information. If the mom-to-be has registered for baby gifts, let guests know. For example, you can include, "Kate is registered at Babies and More and Wal-Mart."

Write any special instructions. Some baby shower hosts might want each guests to bring a onesie to hang up on a clothesline at the shower. If you have any special requests for your guests, include them at the bottom of the invitation. For example, "Please bring a onesie for Liam in addition to your gift."


If the baby shower is a surprise, do not send an invitation to the guest of honour.

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