How to clean a wool shag rug

Wool shag rugs have a thick and shaggy appearance. The wool used in the shag rug can add decor to a room, but the rugs need cleaned properly to prolong their use. The rugs need cleaned differently than traditional rugs due to the material used. Cleaning your shag rug often will keep it in good condition.

Vacuum the shag rug. Run your vacuum cleaner over the rug to clean it weekly. This will keep dirt and debris off the rug. Raise the vacuum to its highest setting to keep the shag pile from becoming tangled.

Use a bristle broom to sweep off dirt and debris from the rug. The broom will remove larger pieces of dirt and debris, and it will help to remove some of the dust.

Roll the shag rug up into a cylinder. Roll it us so that you no longer see the inside of the rug. Shake the rug outside to remove the dirt, and then place it over a clothesline. Smack the rug with a paddle to loosen up the dirt to remove it from the rug that the vacuum cleaner and broom did not remove.

Clean the shag rug with a carpet shampoo machine. Use the shampoo machine at least every six months to deep clean the rug. Follow the instructions on the shampoo machine to ensure that you use it properly.

Hire a professional. If the rug still appears dirty, or you cannot clean it yourself, you can take it to a professional to clean it for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bristle broom
  • Paddle
  • Carpet shampoo machine
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