How to Set Up Online Clothes Business

Updated March 23, 2017

The United States has about 100,000 clothing stores that generate roughly £97 billion per year in sales. If you've always fancied yourself a clothing designer, or you just want an outlet to make money in this popular industry, you can do so by setting up an online clothes business. One benefit of an online outlet is that you don't have to hold onto inventory if you don't want to---you can have clothing items like T-shirts--printed on demand. Even if you do hold stock, the Internet allows you to reach potential customers around the world instead of being limited to one selling area.

One option for setting up a clothing business is to create your own website dedicated to selling your own clothing online. Sign up for a hosting service that offers shopping trolley software as an included feature. Sign up for an Internet gateway merchant account with a merchant services provider, which allows you to receive payments online. You can also use PayPal or a similar online payment service as an alternative. The shopping trolley software allows you to add pictures of your clothing, prices, and a description to entice people to buy your designs. You can also use this venue to sell vintage clothing as well.

Another option is to use Zazzle to set up your own online clothes business. This service allows you to create custom shirts, hats, shoes and even clothing for pets. The website has a convenient browser-based design tool where you can choose clothing styles, colours, upload images, enter text and adjust the position of various elements on your clothing. Once you have your clothing piece designed, you can create an account and set up an online store where others can buy your clothes. You receive a royalty for each purchase.

Sign up for an account with SpreadShirt to set up an online clothing shop as another alternative. In addition to basic T-shirts, you can also design shorts, polo shirts, hoodies, nightwear, robes, jackets and trousers. Choose a clothing style then use the SpreadShirt design tool to upload your custom design or add text. Once you've designed your shirt, choose the option to sell the item on your online clothing shop. You'll have to create a selling account and agree to accept a percentage of each sale.

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