How to make clothesline props

Updated March 23, 2017

Save money by using materials you already own to make a clothesline prop to support an existing clothesline. When you hang wet clothing on a clothesline, the line tends to sag in the centre. This causes clean clothing to touch the floor and get dirty before anyone even wears them. A clothesline prop supports the centre of the clothesline, ensuring that the weight of the clothes does not cause the clothesline centre to droop.

Find a long wooden stick, such as an old broomstick, that is a few inches taller than the distance from the clothesline to the floor. Cut the stick with a hand saw or electrical jigsaw if it is too long. Clean the piece of wood with a damp cloth and sand it down.

Drill a hole through the wooden stick right under the top of the stick.

Cut off the top of a wire hanger with a wire cutter. Bend the remainder of the hanger until it is straight.

Push one end of the hanger through the hole in the stick until half the length of the hanger is pushed through.

Bend the hanger over the wooden stick and create a "V" shape with the hanger on top of the stick. Bend the edges of the hanger down so that the sharp edges curve inward.

Place the wooden stick under the clothesline so that the clothesline rests in the centre of the "V."

Push the bottom of the stick into the ground to keep it stable and in place. If the ground is solid or the stick falls over, stack bricks around the bottom of the stick to create a supportive base.


Replace the wooden stick with a shower curtain rod or other long pole if you prefer a metal clothesline prop. Replace the hanger if it rusts with time.

Things You'll Need

  • Long wooden stick
  • Metal hanger
  • Wire cutter
  • Hand saw or electrical jigsaw
  • Bricks
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