How to create my own house plan for free

Updated April 17, 2017

You do not have to be an architect to create your own house plan. There are free, user friendly building programs available online where you can create a house plan and then print your creation.

Choose a program to create your own house plan for free. Select a program that allows you to work right within your browser or pick a program that offers a free download., and are a few of the many choices available online.

Start from scratch or choose a template that best matches what you want. The building program will guide you along as you create your floor plan. Choose your dimensions, doors, closets and other parts of the physical structure. If you choose a template, pick from the variety of examples that best meet what you're looking for. Each program will have a different approach to the creation, but each program will make the process user friendly and is designed for the amateur.

Choose graphics to add to your design. Graphics will include chairs, sofas, tables, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, lighting fixtures, floors, plants and more. Make your house plan as close to what you desire. Save and print your house plan.


If a building program offers a three-dimensional element, choose it to make your house plan more realistic.

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