How to Replace a Dishwasher Panel

Updated May 18, 2018

A dishwasher front panel is either coloured or stainless steel. Over time, the panel may acquire small scratches or just need an update to match the other kitchen appliances in colour. Replacement dishwasher panels are available both online and at home improvement centres in a variety of colours. Dishwasher panels provide a change in appearance on an older dishwasher without your having to purchase an entire new appliance.

Turn the dishwasher off and let it cool completely before replacing the panel. This helps to avoid any burns from steam in the operation and drying modes.

Open the dishwasher door half way so that it remains open at the half way stop.

Remove the four Phillips screws on each side of the door trim using a screwdriver. Turn each screw counterclockwise completely. Set the screws aside for reuse. Pull the door trim straight off the left and right sides of the panel and set aside.

Grasp the right hand side of the door panel with one hand at the top and one hand at the bottom. Slide the panel out to the right hand side and set aside.

Peel back about one inch of the protective covering on all four sides of the new dishwasher panel. Start the peeling process at one corner, grasp the covering in a pinching motion between forefinger and thumb and pull gently.

Slide the dishwasher panel into the frame of the dishwasher door from the right hand side. Push it fully into the frame and centre it. Replace the trim on both sides by lining up the screw holes. Insert the four Phillips screws on each side and tighten fully clockwise with a screwdriver.

Pull the protective covering off the panel. Start at the top and use the left hand on the left side and the right hand on the right side. Pull with both hands in a downward motion to remove the covering.


Some models of dishwashers require that the bottom piece of dishwasher door trim be removed from the door to replace the panel. New trim is available for a dishwasher door to update the appearance of the appliance fully.


Purchase a dishwasher panel by the make and model of the dishwasher to ensure a good fit.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
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