How to use slippery elm powder

Updated February 21, 2017

Slippery elm goes by a variety of other names, such as sweet elm, moose elm and Indian elm. It is an elm tree that favours moist forest conditions. The interior bark of the slippery elm can be ground into a powder that is used for medicinal purposes to cure a variety of ailments. Although slippery elm bark is available in powdered form at many herbal supplement stores and natural food stores, you can harvest your own slippery elm bark in the spring.

Lay a coffee filter on a flat surface and place 2 tsp of slippery elm bark powder into the filter. Gather up the sides of the coffee filter and tie them together using a twist tie.

Fill a tea kettle with water and place it on a stove burner turned to high. Wait until the tea kettle whistles, which indicates that the water is boiling.

Place the coffee filter containing the Slippery Elm power into a tea cup and pour the boiling water over it until the cup is full.

Allow the slippery elm powder to soak in the cup for three to five minutes, then drink it. You can drink three to four cups of slippery elm tea per day.

Things You'll Need

  • Coffee filter
  • Twist tie
  • Tea kettle
  • Water
  • Stove
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