How to make balloons float

Updated February 21, 2017

Floating balloons make colourful centrepieces, gift toppers and party decor. You can make balloons float for any of these purposes by using helium to fill them. Helium is lighter than air and when trapped inside a balloon, causes the balloon to float upward. Helium is widely available in tanks at party supply shops. You can rent large tanks for one-time events or you can purchase your own smaller tank for continued uses.

Stretch the open end of your balloon over the nozzle on the helium tank and bend the nozzle downward as you tightly hold the balloon in place. The helium will fill the balloon.

Tie the end of the balloon into a knot. Do not let go of it or it will fly away.

Tie a string or thin ribbon around the knotted end of the balloon.

Tie the other end of the string to a balloon weight, or any heavy object.

Things You'll Need

  • Helium tank
  • Helium grade balloons
  • String or ribbon
  • Balloon weights
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