How to Join Plastic Pipe

Updated February 21, 2017

Plastic pipe can be used for many designs, and they're much easier to use than copper or other metal pipes. They don't require sweating and using torches to form joints with other pipes, which makes plastic piping convenient for many applications. The most commonly used plastic pipe is polyvinyl chloride or PVC pipe. This thick, durable white pipe is manufactured in many different diameters and lengths. The pipe is also easily fitted together using glues and plastic couplings.

Apply plastic pipe glue to the inside of the pipe coupling. Ensure that you have an even coat all around the interior.

Insert the pipe into the coupling, and wipe away any excess glue from around the joint with a soft damp cloth.

Apply glue to the other side of the coupling in the same manner as in step 1. Make sure you have an even coat.

Insert another pipe into the coupling, and wipe the excess away with a soft damp cloth. Allow about one hour for the adhesive to set properly.


Use caution when applying glue, and avoid skin or eye contact because it may cause irritation.

Things You'll Need

  • PVC or plastic pipe adhesive
  • Pipe coupling
  • PVC or other plastic pipes
  • Soft cloth
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