How to Open Patio Doors

Updated November 21, 2016

Patio doors are used as an access point to patios, decks and other outdoor areas. Designed to slide horizontally on a track or swing open on hinges, patio doors feature a variety of hardware for opening and closing. Patio doors are designed and manufactured by a wide range of companies. The door frames are commonly constructed of wood or aluminium and feature such designs as solid and pane glass. Using a patio door is a simple process and works in much the same way as other door types.

Unlock the patio door if necessary. Use a key or latch to disengage the locking mechanism of the door. Some doors may have a secondary lock or device to help reduce illegal entry. Remove or unlock these if necessary.

Pull the handle of sliding patio doors to the left or right to open. The direction you pull will depend on how the door is installed. Sliding doors typically consist of two sections that meet in the middle to form a seal. Pull the sliding side of the door back toward the centre point.

Turn the handle of swing open patio doors such as French doors. Rotate the knob or press the latch on the door to release the latching mechanism. Pull the door back or push it forward to open. In most instances the door will swing inward; however, this can vary based on installation.

Open the door wide enough to allow yourself or others to pass through. This is especially important when carrying objects such as trays filled with drinks or food.

Things You'll Need

  • Patio door
  • Key
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