DIY custom chocolate wrappers

Updated February 21, 2017

Creating your own custom chocolate bar wrappers for wedding receptions, anniversary parties, birthday parties or baby showers makes memories of the occasion last longer. With Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements graphics software installed on your computer, make the wrappers as simple or as detailed -- and as personal -- as you wish. Print the wrappers to fit any size chocolate bar you choose. Buy chocolate bars that have tin foil to preserve the chocolate and keep the oils from seeping through the paper.

Create the wrapper

Open the Photoshop application on your computer.

Remove the wrapper from a chocolate bar. Measure and record the length and width of the wrapper.

Use the measurements to create a text box on a new Photoshop canvas that is the size of the chocolate bar wrapper.

Follow the design of the manufactured wrapper for text placement. Measure how far down the text starts on the sample wrapper. Type your custom text in the same place on your custom wrapper.

Design the wrapper in the text box space. Add a background design, clip art, personal photos and text in different colours and fonts.

Print out as many wrappers as needed on coloured or patterned printer paper.

Wrap the chocolate

Remove the paper wrapper from a chocolate bar without removing its foil.

Centre the chocolate bar wrapped in foil on a custom wrapper, the designed side down.

Fold the two short ends of the custom wrapper over the chocolate bar. Make sharp creases.

Fold the longer ends over one another. Make sharp creases.

Seal the two long ends with a small bit of clear tape.


Make sure you buy chocolate bars that come with foil inside.

Print the wrappers on patterned or coloured printer paper. This is more economical than using white paper and coloured ink if you're printing a large number of wrappers.

Things You'll Need

  • Photoshop software
  • Computer
  • Ruler
  • Printer
  • Coloured or patterned paper
  • Tape
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