Instructions for using combination microwave/convection ovens

Updated February 21, 2017

A microwave/convection oven combination is a smaller, countertop device close to the size of a standard microwave; however, it does not use radiation to cook the food. Instead, it uses the same heating principles as standard convection oven. Due to the smaller size it can only cook individual sized meals; however, the cooking time is shorter with the microwave/convection oven due to the smaller area it has to heat.

Power on the microwave/convection oven. Some products do not have an actual "Power" button and require you to plug the appliance in to power it on, then unplug it to disconnect the power.

Select the "Cook" feature, then adjust the temperature to the appropriate heat. The microwave/convection oven fires on and takes a few minutes to heat completely to the desired temperature. Some ovens have a small alarm that sounds once the temperature is reached.

Open the oven door and slide in the food. The interior of the oven has a small rack, just like a large oven. Close the oven, then press the "Timer" option on the microwave/convection oven. Set the length of time you want the food to cook. When the food is done an alarm sounds again (on some models).

Open the door to the microwave/convection oven and remove the cooked food. Power down the oven and keep plastic objects away while it cools down.

Things You'll Need

  • Microwave/ Convection oven
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