How to Adjust a Fluidmaster Toilet Float

Written by nathan mcginty | 13/05/2017
How to Adjust a Fluidmaster Toilet Float
Adjust your Fluidmaster float for efficient toilet flushing. (red bathroom image by Jeffrey Sinnock from

Fluidmaster is a trusted manufacturer of toilet parts and accessories for efficient and worry free operation. Their Fluidmaster toilet float works in your tank and allows the toilet tank to fill at a pre set level for optimum flushing power. If you are installing a new toilet or replacing an old toilet float, you will need to adjust your Fluidmaster toilet float to the right level for your toilet.

Remove the toilet tank lid.

Locate the Fluidmaster toilet float. It is a large, black, ring shaped floating mechanism that is attached to the inlet valve. Make a note of the current water level.

Turn off the water supply for the toilet. Locate the water supply valve for the toilet, usually located on the wall behind the bowl. Rotate the knob clockwise to turn off. Flush the toilet to empty the water.

To adjust the water level, squeeze the adjusting nut on the side of the float. This is attached to a metal rod at the shut off valve. To allow more water in the tank, squeeze the nut and move the float upwards. For less, move the float down.

Turn back on the water supply by rotating the knob counterclockwise. Allow the tank to fill.

Flush the toilet and check for proper operation. Make further adjustments to the Fluidmaster float if necessary.


  • Adjust the water in half inch levels.

Tips and Warnings

  • Adjust the water in half inch levels.

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