How to make a wooden gun box

Written by jonah morrissey
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How to make a wooden gun box
A gun needs to be stored with care. (rifle image by studio vision 1 from

Guns need to be transported with care since they can be damaged easily in transit. A gun box provides adequate protection to a gun while it is being moved or stored. Purchasing a gun box from a store can be costly, and the box may not even be an ideal fit for the size of your gun. Many gun owners opt to build their own boxes from wood. When you build your own gun box, it can be built specifically with your gun in mind.

Assemble the box

Place the two 2.5 by 7.5 by 30 cm (1 by 3 by 12 inch) pine boards parallel to each other approximately 1.2 m (48 inches) apart. These are the box ends. Place the two 2.5 by 7.5 by 120 cm (1 by 3 by 48 inch) pine boards perpendicular to the ends. These are the sides. Position one of the 2.5 by 30 by 120 cm (1 by 12 by 48 inch) pine boards on top of the sides and ends. This is the bottom of the box.

Apply a bead of wood glue to all surfaces where the parts meet. Clamp the bottom box assembly together using bar clamps. Wipe off any excess glue with a damp rag.

Allow the glue to dry according to the directions on the wood glue container. Remove the bar clamps.

Drive finish nails along the edges where the parts are joined using a hammer. Space the nails evenly every 10 cm (4 inches).

Apply a wood finish of your choice to the gun box. Allow the finish to dry according to the instructions on the wood finish container.

Add the lid

Align the final 2.5 by 30 by 120 cm (1 by 12 by 48 inch) pine board top of the bottom box assembly. This is the box lid. Make sure the edges are flush with the outside of the box.

Measure in 7.5 cm (3 inches) from either end of the box lid with a tape measure. Mark the measurement with a pencil.

Place one hinge on the inside of each pencil mark. Fasten the hinge to the bottom box assembly and lid with a screwdriver and the screws provided with the hinges.

Measure and mark the centre of the lid on the side opposite the hinges. Place the hasp set on this mark. Fasten the hasp to the lid and bottom box assembly using a screwdriver and the screws provided with the hasp set.

Locate the centre of the box lid by using a tape measure. Mark the centre with a pencil.

Use a screwdriver and screws provided with the handle to fasten the handle to the box lid. Sand the surface of the box lightly with fine-grit sandpaper.


Cut a piece of upholstery foam to fit inside the bottom box assembly using a utility knife.

Spray the inside of the bottom box assembly with craft spray adhesive. Place the foam into place.

Close the box lid. Close the hasp. Place a lock through the hasp to secure the gun box as needed.


Make a separate compartment within the gun box to hold cleaning supplies, ammunition and shooting gear.


Always wear eye protection when woodworking. Follow glue and wood finish instructions for safe use.

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