How to display children's clothes

Updated March 23, 2017

There are many creative ways of displaying children's clothing. Choosing the proper method depends on how the clothing will be displayed, as there are differences between online displays and window displays for children's clothing boutiques.

Create the main idea or theme for the website display. If showing different seasons, create different pages to separate the clothing.

Use children to market the clothing chosen. Use this opportunity to show off turtlenecks, sweaters and socks, if promoting winter wear.

Take pictures of the children in different situations to illustrate the flexibility and durability of the clothing. For example, while one child sits down playing with the snow, another could be jumping.

Decide the lighting for the photo shoot. It is crucial to have great lighting during photo shoots as lighting can affect the final result. Good lighting often decides whether the photos look homemade or professionally done. The children will fade into the background if the pictures are taken with bad lighting.

Upload the pictures to the clothing website and adjust pictures as necessary. On the web, there are no limits as to how to display clothing. However, when displaying children's clothing online, make sure the website appeals to children.

Create the main idea or theme for the window display. Decide whether it will be a beach theme for summer clothes or snow adventures for winter wear.

Dress the mannequins with the clothing chosen. If winter, promote more clothing than simply the outerwear. Use this opportunity to show off turtlenecks, sweaters and socks.

Stuff the clothing if necessary. Clothing on mannequins should not look too big or improperly fitted.

Decide the lighting. Having an amazing display is not effective if the lighting does not highlight the clothing well. Mannequins will not look real if they fade into the background due to bad lighting.

Check the positioning and angles of the mannequins in relation to the light. Step away from the display to get an overall feel of the display. Make adjustments if necessary.

Use cubes or blocks to emphasise certain mannequins or outfits. These work well for window displays and in-store displays. Use cubes if the window does not reach the floor level, so potential customers can see the entire display.

Things You'll Need

  • Website
  • Camera
  • Clothing
  • Cubes and boxes
  • Stuffing for the clothes
  • Lights for lighting up the display
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