How to glue a cap back on a tooth

A crown, also referred to as a cap, covers your tooth after a portion of it has been shaved down and removed in the process of restoring the tooth. While crowns are permanent, sometimes things happen and your crown may come off. A temporary crown is even more likely to become loose. You can adhere your crown back to your tooth temporarily until you're able to get to your dentist's office. Use supplies found at your local pharmacy to aid you in gluing your crown back on so you can eat, chew and proceed with your life until your dental appointment.

Brush your teeth if you were eating when your crown fell off. Pay close attention to the tooth where the crown came off so you can ensure no food got stuck down in the tooth.

Squirt a small amount of denture adhesive paste into the crown.

Place the crown back on your tooth and press down gently to ensure it's in the proper position.

Check the position of the crown using a mirror. If the position doesn't seem right, remove the crown and try again. An improperly positioned crown can damage the crown, which means the dentist might have to make--and charge you for--a new one.


Store your crown in a safe place if you're not able to put it back on temporarily.


Refrain from using any type of household or super glue on your crown.

Things You'll Need

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Denture adhesive
  • Mirror
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