How to Put Songs on My iPod From a CD

Updated July 20, 2017

Today's iPods can store a lot of music--from 500 songs on the 2GB iPod Shuffle to 40,000 songs on the 160GB iPod Classic. If the only place you could add music to iPods was through Apple's iTunes store, you'd be literally talking about hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fill your iPod up to its capacity. Fortunately, iPods can handle music from a number of places, including your personal CD collection. In order to put those CDs on your iPod, you first need to add them to your iTunes library.

Insert your CD into the CD drive on your computer.

Open the iTunes software on your computer if it doesn't open automatically. If iTunes is your computer's default media player, it should launch automatically.

Click the "Import CD" button in the bottom right corner of the main iTunes window to add the CD to iTunes.

Connect your iPod to your computer using the dock connector to the USB cable that came with your iPod.

Open iTunes on your computer if it doesn't launch automatically.When your computer recognises that your iPod is connected, an iPod icon will appear in the "Device" section of iTunes, which is below the "Store" tab.

Click on the "Music" option below the "Library" tab to display all of the music you have added to iTunes.

Use the scroll bar on the right side of iTunes to scroll through your music to find the CD you just added or type the artist or album name into the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of iTunes.

Highlight the songs from the CD by holding down the "Command" key on a Mac or the "Ctrl" key on a PC and clicking on all of the songs. Drag those highlighted songs to the iPod icon in the device section and release the mouse to add them to your iPod.


The process for adding music from iTunes is the same, whether you have an iPod Shuffle, Nano, Classic or Touch.b If you add your CD to iTunes while your computer is connected to the internet, iTunes will automatically search for pertinent information, including song titles, artist name and album titles. If your computer isn't connected to the internet when you add your CD, you will have to add that information manually.


If you are adding music from burnt and/or mix CDs, iTunes will likely not be able to add the track information for your CD, which means you will have to add all of the information manually.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer (PC or Mac)
  • CD drive
  • CDs
  • iTunes 9 or newer
  • Dock connector to USB cable (supplied with iPod)
  • Internet connection (optional)
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