How to make free jigsaw puzzles

Updated April 17, 2017

Turn your favourite family photographs into jigsaw puzzles to give as gifts or to keep and display on your coffee table. Or photocopy a favourite drawing or painting and turn it into a puzzle. When you make a jigsaw puzzle yourself, you can decide just how difficult you want it to be by cutting larger or smaller pieces.

Print out a jigsaw puzzle template to follow as a guide if you don't want to draw the puzzle's pieces by hand. You can find a variety of 8.5-inch by 11-inch jigsaw puzzle templates online that you can print for free. To make a larger puzzle, print two templates and place them side-by-side.

Paste the printed template or your own hand drawn template to a piece of heavy card stock or cardboard using rubber cement using acid-free paste or rubber cement.

Trim any excess cardboard or card stock around the template with scissors or a mat knife.

Select an image to use for the puzzle, and print or photocopy it large enough to fill the dimensions of your puzzle template. Crop the image's edges if necessary.

Paste the picture to the other side of the same card stock or cardboard using acid-free paste or rubber cement.

Let the paste dry on both sides of the cardboard.

Cut the puzzle pieces out with your mat knife, following the template's puzzle piece outlines.


Use caution when using a mat knife, particularly near children. Change blades often because a sharp mat knife is easier and safer to use than one that's getting dull. Supervise children's use of paste and scissors.

Things You'll Need

  • Puzzle template
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Cardboard or card stock
  • Acid-free paste or rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Mat knife
  • Enlarged photograph or drawing
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