How to Adjust the Deck on an MTD Riding Lawn Mower

Updated February 21, 2017

After cutting your grass, you see that the lines your MTD riding lawnmower made look lopsided, almost as if your lawn got an uneven haircut. This can happen when the mower deck gets knocked out of shape. Adjusting an MTD riding lawnmower deck takes about five minutes to do the job properly, so the next time you cut your yard, it will have the professional look of a baseball field's lawn.

Position the lawnmower on a flat surface. Place the deck height adjuster, which is to the right of the seat, to its highest cutting height.

Unscrew the hex cap screw on the left side of the deck. The cap on the MTD mower is located in front of the tire and has notches to adjust the height.

Adjust the height by using a 3/8-inch wrench to turn the adjustment gear behind the hex cap screw. Adjust the gear until the deck looks even.

Screw the hex cap back into place to prevent the adjustment from going off balance.


Check the tire pressure when you adjust the MTD mower deck. Unbalanced tire pressure can cause an uneven cut.


Turn the motor off before doing any repairs.

Things You'll Need

  • 3/8-inch wrench
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