Uses for a Recycled Wool Blanket

Written by kathryn hatashita-lee | 13/05/2017
Uses for a Recycled Wool Blanket
Recycle wool blankets into cushions, tea cosies and mats. (Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Recycled wool blankets offer comfort and warmth for casual home decor or car trips. A wool blanket's many uses will extend the life of the blanket and keep it out of the landfill. The wool's insulating properties help maintain desirable temperatures. For example, a wool tea cosy keeps tea warm in a teapot for you and your guests.

Home Decor

Sewing patterns for home decorating projects provide templates you can adapt to suit your style and decor Create a set of cushions sewn with a section of wool blanket on one side and a contrasting fabric on the other side to add texture and variety to your couch. Set an attractive blanket over a storage boot or a large furniture piece to give instant colour for a homey, casual atmosphere. If the blanket's surface feels scratchy, stuff it into a duvet cover. Some stitches will help fasten the layers together so the blanket does not slip or bunch inside the smooth cover.

Functional Items

A recycled blanket cut into smaller sections offers a variety of uses. A rolled blanket acts as a bolster to support your body as you exercise or rest. Tie a cord around the roll to help keep the blanket in the desired shape. Use an old wool blanket as a yoga mat. If a draft enters under an exterior door, try positioning a rolled blanket section to block incoming cool air and keep in warm air. The blanket will serve as a door draft stopper and perhaps an energy-saving tool, as well. Line your pet's bed with a warm, wool blanket.


Felt an old, wool blanket and turn it into an insulating tea cosy or potholder to give to a friend. Make the tea cosy in the shape of a cat, dog or other animal your friend admires. Some sewing pattern companies offer designs for sewing machine covers. Personalise a machine cover with the initials of your favourite sewing enthusiast.

For the Vehicle

Use a recycled wool blanket as a car blanket. Trim the blanket for a narrower fit to cover a car's bench seat. Wider blanket sections help passengers stay warm. The blanket will offer a more comfortable seating surface than a hot, synthetic car seat. During an emergency, the wool blanket will certainly be useful in cold temperatures.

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