How to Repair Nylon Zippers

Written by matt scheer | 13/05/2017
How to Repair Nylon Zippers
Repairing that broken nylon zipper is simple. (Zipper image by Gudellaphoto from

Learning how to repair a nylon zipper is a useful skill. Fixing a nylon zipper is simple and saves money on pricey repairs. The most common problem with nylon zippers is a worn out slider. A slider is the tabbed part that you hold to open and close the zipper. Don't throw out those fashion pieces with broken zippers. Grab your pliers instead and make a quick fix.

Use the pliers to grasp the slider firmly.

Pull the slider to the position that is the open position when the zipper is in working order. Take your time. Pulling the slider to this place takes hard work. Grip firmly and pull with force to get it past tough places.

Place one side of the pliers on the front, right half of the slider and the other side on the back, right half of the slider. Gently squeeze. Repeat this step on the other half. Compress only one side a time. Be careful not to squeeze too hard. Too much pressure jams the slider or crushes the zipper coils.

Test the zipper. If the coils stay closed after the slider passes by, then it is fixed. If they don't stay closed, bring the slider back to the top and try compressing the sides again.

Things you need

  • Pliers

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