How to print on cardstock with HP printers

Updated February 21, 2017

Cardstock paper is a thicker paper that doesn't feed into printers like normal paper. It may be difficult for the paper tray to feed cardstock paper into the printer. To avoid problems and paper jams while printing on such paper, use the manual feed tray on your Hewlett-Packard printer.

Pull up the document you want to print on your computer. Click "Print" and choose your HP printer for the printer you want to print to. Use the manual feed tray as the tray to pull the paper from. For the Officejet, LaserJet and Deskjet models, the manual feed tray is in the front of the printer right above the main paper tray. For PhotoJet printers, the manual feed tray is in the back the printer. There is a flap that is marked with a paper symbol that you pull down to load paper into.

Feed the cardstock in the printer's manual feed one sheet at a time. It can be difficult for the feed to pull up the thick paper unless you have one of the flat-feed HP printers (9180 or 9680).

Continue to feed the paper in the printer one at a time. Pull out any jams as they arise.


Some of the HP laserjet printers have more difficulty feeding the heavy cardstock paper than the deskjets. If you print on cardstock a lot, consider purchasing a flat-feed printer that feeds and prints in a straight line from front to back.

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