How to Create Homemade First Communion Invitations

Updated March 23, 2017

Creating your own first communion invitations can give the cards a signature look. Doing it yourself can save you money, as well. Using a computer program such as Microsoft Publisher puts such a range of options at the click of a mouse, your only problem will be what features to choose.

Open Microsoft Publisher. Select "Invitation Cards" from the left side of the opening page. Browse for an invitation template. Double-click the card to open the template.

Personalise pages of the card by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom left of the template. Add images, select colour palettes, change backgrounds and enter text from "Format Publication" to the left of the template.

Cut and paste images appropriate for a first communion. Consider images of crosses, chalices, Jesus or the Virgin Mother. Open "Page Options" and select "Insert" at the top of the Publisher page. Click on "Select Picture" and "From File." Drag the image to the place on the template where you want to place it.

Send the finished invitations. Print the invitations if you plan to send by regular mail. The print function in Publisher will guide you through the process. If you send your invitations by e-mail, save your card as an earlier than Publisher 2007 file. This way invitees will have a better chance of opening the document.


Save your work as you go to avoid losing changes.


Determine that invitees have Publisher to open your e-mailed invitations. If they don't send the invitations by regular mail.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Publisher
  • E-mail account
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Coloured printer ink
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