How to Locate My Proxy Address & Port

Written by chappy sinclair | 13/05/2017
How to Locate My Proxy Address & Port
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A proxy address is an optional, temporary address that hides your IP address and other networking information from websites you visit. Proxies are ideal for users who want complete privacy while using forums and peer-to-peer programs. The remote port is assigned by your Internet service provider. Using any number of networking websites, you can easily identify your proxy and remote port information.

Navigate to a free networking information websites such as WhatIsMyProxy, My-Proxy or IP-Address. Upon accessing the site, your networking information will be displayed immediately.

View your proxy address. If you're using a proxy, it will generally be displayed under IP Information as "Proxy" or "Proxy Server Address."

View your remote port. It is generally displayed under Detailed IP Information or Advanced IP Details as "Remote Port."

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