How to Repair a Sony Cyber-shot Camera

Written by greyson ferguson | 13/05/2017
How to Repair a Sony Cyber-shot Camera
Fix your Cyber-shot camera problems. (digital camera 6 image by Harvey Hudson from

The Cyber-Shot is Sony's line of digital still cameras. The cameras usually work without error, and the worst that usually happens is the battery dying out on you. However, if you are having troubles with the LCD screen or the colour appears off there are a few different ways you can troubleshoot and repair the camera. Unless you have actually dropped the camera or it has become severely wet you can correct the problems on your own without taking it into a repair facility.

Power on the camera and select the "Menu" option if the colour of your pictures are looking extremely blue or red. This is due to the white balance being off. Select the "White Balance" option, then select "Auto White Balance." This corrects the colour issue on the camera for all pictures you take in the future (it cannot correct images you already captured).

Fix your LCD screen if it appears dark, black or blank. Start by powering the Sony Cyber-shot camera on. Press the "Display" button until the LCD screen lights up. Insert the tip of a pen into the "Reset" button on the side of the camera. Hold this for a few seconds until the camera turns off. Remove the battery and leave it off for 30 seconds. Insert the battery back into the camera and power it back on. The LCD screen now functions properly.

Adjust the flash if it is automatically going off for ever picture, even when you are outside and it is extremely bright already. Select the "Flash" setting on the front of the camera to "Off." This turns the flash off and allows you to take pictures in the daylight without it going off.

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