How to make balloon animals step by step

Several types of balloons are used to make balloon animals. The most common and easy-to-use balloon for beginners is a balloon specifically designed for twisting called a 260. These long narrow balloons should be blown up halfway to three-quarters of the way to allow for the air to move along the balloon while twisting. It is very important to hold onto both ends of the balloon once the animal twisting has begun or the balloon will untwist.

Inflate the 260 balloon until there are 4 inches left uninflated at the end.

Fold the balloon down 6 inches from the inflated end. Squeeze the balloon segments together 2 inches from the fold and twist two to three times to form the ear and nose.

Fold a 6-inch loop of balloon 1 inch down from the first twist. Bring the folded balloon back to the 1-inch mark and twist two to three times to form the front leg.

Fold a 6-inch loop of balloon 2 inches from the front leg twist. Secure together by twisting the loop at the 2-inch mark and twist two to three times. The dog is finished.


Do not get discouraged when twisting animal balloons. Practice makes perfect. A balloon pump can be used to blow up the balloons. Pull the balloon taut when blowing them up manually to help stretch the material for easier inflation.

Things You'll Need

  • 260-type balloon
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