How to Troubleshoot a Polaroid TV Flm-3234B That Will Not Power On

Updated February 21, 2017

You can watch movies, television shows and camcorder footage on Polaroid's Flm-3234B 32-inch flat-screen television. You may sometimes run into problems, such as the inability to turn the TV on due to power issues, misconnected cables or signal problems.

Reseating all of your cord connections is the first step to correcting a TV that won't turn on. Turn the TV around so the back is facing you. Unplug the AC cord from the "AC In" port located on the far right of the terminal panel on the back of the TV. Plug it back in, making sure that it's firmly connected. Unplug the AC cord from the wall outlet and reseat it as well. If your television is connected to a device, such as a VCR or DVD player, check the "Video 2 In" composite terminal jacks on the back of the TV on the bottom left of the terminal panel. Make sure the correct connectors are plugged into the correct jacks (yellow with yellow, red with red, and white with white). Check that the TV cable is snugly attached to the "TV Cable" jack below the "AC In" jack and that the other end is attached to the appropriate cable source.

Check the 3234B TV safety fuse next to the AC adaptor on the back of the TV. During electrical storms or power outages the fuse may blow as a safety measure if there is a sudden surge of electricity. If the fuse has been blown, the television will not power on. Use a plastic tool---not metal---to pry the small cover off of the fuse chamber. If the fuse is damaged, go to a hardware store and ask for a "4A 250V 5x20mm Time Lag Fuse." Remove the old fuse and replace it with the new one. Try turning on your television.

Replace the batteries in your remote control if the remote isn't turning on your television. Turn the remote control onto its face and slide the battery cover off with your thumbs. Insert two AA batteries in proper alignment with the polar indicators. Replace the battery chamber cover. Turn the remote control key-side up and push the "Power" button---the red button on the upper right side of the device. Make sure you are pointing the tip of the remote at the sensor located on the front of the TV.

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